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The five best selling categories on the internet: from spending on cleaning

The five best selling categories on the internet: from spending on cleaning

The digital revolution has helped to further improve the sales capability of companies that through the so-called "e-commerce" have been able to create virtual stores where users can shop directly from the couch.
But what are the most popular product categories online from our country users? According to a search by Audiweb, there are 29 million Italians surfing the web and 73% regularly visit e-commerce.
So let's find out what the most popular products are for Italians in online stores.

From pizza at home to orders via website. Food runs fast on the net and more and more people resort to the internet to enjoy their favorite food. Sites like Justeat.it have canceled the distance between users and restaurant operators, creating a growing market.

Ordering online food has become a habit especially for young people and for those who live in big cities such as Rome and Milan.

But not only, more and more supermarkets and large online stores like Amazon also offer online service in Italy and deliver within 48 hours, so all food can be made online without moving home.

Do not forget to file miles in the supermarkets or drag the heavy scales into detergent packs: even the home-made world has benefited from being able to shop directly online.

One of the most famous examples of cleaning products is that of the site, which allows you to get directly to your home a vast range of products, ranging from classic floor cloths to modern cleaning robots.

Just a few decades ago, Napster brought music to the Italians' home. After long legal battles and copyright laws, the record companies also realized that to avoid a collapse of the market, it would be necessary to simplify the way purchases of music tracks and, above all, retouch the prices downwards.

Now the purchase of mp3 content has become easy and above all legal, with the world of piracy that has been greatly reduced. King unquestionably, and probably even the most well-known, online music shopping is surely Apple's iTunes.

Who has never happened to see husbands and boyfriends abandoned on the chairs of some store waiting for their ladies to choose their clothes to buy? With the many online stores, one on all Zalando, buying clothing has become much simpler and has largely prevented many from having to wait for hours inside boutiques.

Often, online pricing is even more advantageous than what's in the real store, and because of the policies on making and changing the merchandise, there is not even a risk of buying products that do not conform to the images displayed on the web.

Probably today Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant would never have fallen in love because the American actress would never go to the theater drama at their first meeting in the Notting Hill film.

Books are at the top of the rankings of the most expensive items on the internet and Italy is no exception: 15.4% of the last quarter's online purchases are represented by the books, with good peace of everyone who dreams of meeting the soul mate in the magical atmosphere of the bookstores once.

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