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UK woman sentenced to three years jail for smuggling painkillers into Egypt

UK woman sentenced to three years jail for smuggling painkillers into Egypt
Laura Plummer, left, was sentenced to prison time for smuggling drugs into Egypt that she claimed were for her boyfriend Omar Caboo, at right.  (Facebook)
A British lady condemned to three years in jail for pirating painkillers into Egypt claims she didn't know they were illicit and she was just attempting to help her beau.

Laura Plummer, 33, was captured in October at Hurghada International Airport in the wake of being found with 290 tramadol pills in her bag that she guaranteed were for her Egyptian sweetheart's terrible back.

Her legal advisors have supposedly held up a quick annulment.

Talking after the decision, Plummer's mom Roberta told the Sun: "This isn't reasonable. She's done it in all honesty. She conveyed [the drugs] to help somebody, to help a family.

"She's the kindest individual... I was stressed over her some time recently, [when she was] in the police headquarters. I'm significantly more stressed now she's in real jail with genuine lawbreakers."

Plummer's Egyptian accomplice Omar Caboo, who she apparently visits a couple of times each year, experiences extreme back torment.


She had her trial suspended yesterday after incidentally confessing because of a mistake with her translator.

The trial was held toward the beginning of today with another translator and she was imprisoned by a judge for a long time.

Plummer has said she did not understand the painkiller is unlawful and restricted in Egypt.

The Sun reports that Plummer said she's been "ridiculous" by putting the agony pills in her bag before voyaging.

Her attorney Mohamed Othman purportedly said a plane ticket demonstrating she paid twice as much for her flights as the medications were worth is verification that she was not wanting to offer them.

"For somebody to be discovered blameworthy of medication pirating they must know that they are having opiates. Laura did not realize that what she was conveying was an opiate," he stated, reports The Sun.

Her mom said Plummer's been "living in hellfire," offering a correctional facility cell to no beds with up to 25 other ladies, including her girl now looks "unrecognizable."

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