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KFC Is Now Selling Pizza Made With A Fried Chicken ‘Crust’

How frequently have you ended up lounging around eating a melty, mushy (perhaps frankfurter or pepperoni-secured) cut of pizza, and contemplated internally, "There truly isn't sufficient fat, oil or calories in this pizza!" Happens constantly, correct?

All things considered, now there is an answer for this well established situation, on account of the great individuals (detestable prodigies?) at Kentucky Fried Chicken who are utilizing fricasseed chicken as PIZZA CRUST. Correct, this is truly happening and it's called "Chizza."

KFC has made what must be depicted as the Frankenstein of nourishment. In lieu of a conventional batter outside, the Chizza highlights a seared chicken hull. NO BREAD JUST CHICKEN!

The Chizza is finished with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheddar, ham, pineapple and showered with KFC's "exceptional cheddar sauce." In a touch of incongruity, the Chizza is molded like a heart—however it unmistakably is not the slightest bit any useful for your little blood pumper.
chizza,KFC Is Now Selling Pizza Made With A Fried Chicken ‘Crust’

Investigate the video underneath for a show of how this unusual (yet interesting) blend is made:

This isn't Kentucky Fried Chicken's first push to take seared chicken to places it's never been. In the first place, KFC cut us the Double Down, a sandwich with singed chicken filets in lieu of buns, and loaded with bacon, Monterey Jack cheddar and "Colonel's sauce." Next came the Double Down Dog, which utilizes broiled chicken set up of—you got it—a wiener bun! At that point they mysteriously attempted to get us going to play a part with fricasseed chicken-scented candles.

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Oh dear, in case you're stateside and desiring some Chizza, you'll need to jump on a snappy flight to Singapore or the Philippines to score some of this Asian delicacy. In the event that that appears somewhat far to movement for over-the-top garbage nourishment, you can simply attempt the chicken parm pizza in New York at Quality Italian and make yourself sick in a much more refined setting.

Until the point that at that point, there's dependably Taco Bell's new Naked Chicken Chalupa, which is a Chalupa in a browned chicken taco shell.
the Chizza highlights a seared chicken hull. NO BREAD JUST CHICKEN!

Truly, what will they consider next?

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